“Fun, fast, fabulous!
– Foothills Performing Arts Center


“It is an hour of fun that had this audience member nearly falling off his seat in laughter.”
– Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline


“The talented Brigantino sisters put on a show unlike any other – their characters are complete, well-rounded, and immensely entertaining, and their musical talent is undeniable.
– Jenna Esposito,


“The musical-comedy duo Vickie and Nickie are back with a fresh hour of brash singing, multi-instrumental musical hijinks, and faux-Midwestern shtick. This time out, it’s Inside Vickie and Nickie, an “autobiographical” tour through the origins of the fast-talking Minnesota moms who are, as always, played to the hilt by sumptuously bedecked and bewigged real-life sisters Lisa and Lori Brigantino.”
– Jon Sobel,